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We are working on building our FAQ section for the website so we can better help you get answers quickly and to try to answer as many common questions up front as possible.

We want to make your experience with us a relaxed, fun, and amazing one! Part of that is making sure you have access to everything you need from us, and we know there may be questions out there we haven’t thought of yet.

We plan on including things like what kind of payment options do we have, what payment types do we take, what is a typical session like, and things like that. We want to hear from YOU! Help us make our FAQ section full of good questions and answers that are relevant and helpful to you!

Below is the form we will also have available when we launch our FAQ section. Please fill it out with your question and we will answer you as well as determine if it’s a good one for our FAQ section (and add it there if it is).


Do you have a question for us? Please feel free to submit it using this form!

We will review your question and reply to it during business hours, Monday-Friday.

We are always adding to our FAQ section, so if your question might help others, you may find it added there.

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