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Music | Shine Bright Baby on the Waterfront | Louisville Kentucky

As part of the great line up for Celebration Sunday, Shine Bright Baby visited from the Buckeye State. Some of you may know that I (Iris) was born and raised in Ohio, and Kari lived in Ohio for many years also….so it was pretty neat for us to learn Shine Bright Baby is from Orrville, Ohio. The rest of the world knows that to be the home of Smuckers, but it is also home to this spirited Christian rock band!

Shine Bright Baby

Shine Bright Baby is Emily (vocals), Nathan (bass guitar, vocals), Josh (guitar, vocals), and Karl (drums). They are signed to the well-known BEC Recordings, a partner label of the Christian music label Tooth & Nail. While  they are a relatively young group, their high-energy show will have you dancing before you know it!

Want to keep up with Shine Bright Baby ? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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