Meet Your Photographers

Take a look behind the lens and meet your photographers, the husband and wife team of Iris and Kari Dongo. Our photography style is best described as a natural light, lifestyle session. Natural light is exactly what you would think it to be – using the light provided by the environment (whether it is outside, in a home, at a business, etc.). We can use flash photography, but we prefer the look of natural light and only use flash photography when it is absolutely needed. A lifestyle session is documenting life “as it happens” in the time we are with you. We do posed shots also, but we’ve found that your best photos come when you are being “real” verses “posed.” Our sessions are a nice combination of both, but tend to lean more toward the lifestyle shots.


irisIris Dongo

Iris is the creative wife part of our team. She enjoys bringing out the special moments of your session! She notices the details, big and small. Our shooting is a unique blend of a husband/wife team that knows each others movement and style, as well as our client’s visions for their sessions. Together with Kari, your session will have a beautiful variety of photos to choose from! Iris is also our social media and website¬†extraordinaire. Anything you see on our social media accounts and everything here on the website is her handiwork.

As a side note, Iris also runs a crafty business, Southern Belle Crochet, which is perfect for photography props like hats and headbands!

kariKari Dongo

Kari is the fun-loving husband part of our team. He brings unique points of view and interesting concept ideas to every shoot. He loves bringing people’s sense of humor out during a session and enjoys capturing the moments you think he doesn’t see! He can be quite sneaky! Kari’s passion and experience in the music industry is a great asset for our music sessions because he can see it from a musician’s point of view as well as a photographer’s point of view.