Are We the Photographers for You?

We are thrilled you are considering us to photograph your session! We want to to help you decide if we are the photographers for you.

Here are a few steps to help you decide if we’re the photographers for you.


Step 1: Do you like what you see?

Please check out our galleries and browse through our website. We use natural light most of the time; I’d venture to guess 99% of the time. We only use flash if it becomes absolutely necessary. We are “on-location” photographers, meaning we can come to you! If you have a place in mind to have your session at, we will happily have your session there. If not, that’s okay – we have a few favorite locations we would love to share with you. We specialize in a lifestyle approach to portrait and music photography. What does that mean? That means we capture it as it happens, as it’s seen, as others would see it….real life. We are a fun-loving, relaxed, husband-wife team and we bring that to our sessions with us. If you’re looking for a session where you can be “you” and be comfortable, we might be the photographers for you. If you like our style after checking out our galleries and browsing the website, we might be the photographers for you.

If you think we might be a good fit for you, please continue to Step 2. If not, that’s okay…we appreciate you checking us out and encourage you to find a photographer that is better suited for what you envision for your session.


Step 2: What is your vision?

We are thrilled you like what you see! The next step is sharing your vision with us. We would love to hear what you envision for your session. Please head to our Email Us section and send us an email to get started with your consultation. We will respond within 24 hours during the week and by close of business Monday if you email over the weekend. We’ll be able to confirm if we are available for the day you’re considering or provide our availability if you’re not quite sure of the specific day yet as well as provide our Client Guide that includes our complete pricing so you can review it before we meet. Our session pricing begins at $150.


Step 3: We’d love to meet you!

We love meeting in person, say, over coffee? We are located in Bardstown, Kentucky, and would love to sit down with you and discover what you have in mind for your session. If you’re not able to meet with us in person, that’s okay, we can make arrangements to make sure we get to hear about your vision. During our time together, you will share your vision with us, and we will share our thoughts and what the next steps will be.


Step 4: Pick us – book your session with fun-loving photographers!

We would love to work with you in making your session become everything you want it to be! You will have a smashing time during your session and you’ll be thrilled with your photos for years to come!


Step 5: Secure your session – fill out your contract and pay the reservation fee. 

Make sure you secure your session. We can’t hold your session day and time until we have your signed contract and reservation fee, so please take care of both right away to secure your session. Guess what…that’s it! Easy-peasy, right? Once we have these last two things, you’re booked and ready to prepare for your rocking session!

Don’t worry, if you still have questions, you can always email us and we will happily make sure your questions are answered and you’re feeling good heading into your session!


Step 6: What’s Next?

I’m Ready to Book! Want to know what’s next? Click HERE and discover what the next steps are to book your session!

Do you want to know What to Expect for your session experience? Head HERE to check out What to Expect for your Pre-Booking Consultation.