What to Expect | Pre-Booking Consultation

You’ve decided we are a good fit…YAY! We are so happy to begin booking your session!

Sometimes not knowing what to expect can be an un-nerving feeling…but have no fear! We want you to be as comfortable as possible with each step of your experience with us. Your first step after choosing us as your photographers is your pre-booking consultation.

We love doing this in person! Iris is a huge coffee fan, so we could meet at your favorite coffee joint or if you want to come to Bardstown, Iris would love to share her favorite java joint with you (coincidentally, it’s called Java Joint!). No matter where we meet, we want it to be somewhere you are comfortable and relaxed. We don’t just want to learn about your session ideas though…we want to learn more about YOU! We are definitely not the “all business, no fun” types. When we sit down, we want to hear about you and things you like or don’t like – it doesn’t have to be photography related at all. We will tell you a little about ourselves and share a little of how we came to discover photography as a passion of ours….we want you to be comfortable with the people behind the lens, capturing your moments.

Once we move on to session details, we want to hear about your session vision first….share what’s in your heart for your session. Is there something extra special about this session we should know about? Is there a super special reason for your session? Are you wanting your yearly family photos? Are you looking for fresh photos to fill your home? These types of questions are just a few of the things we’d love to know. We don’t want your session just to be a few clicks of the shutter and you get images from that….we want it to be an experience that you will remember fondly that produces photos that tell a story that you’ll love to share and display for years to come. Learning what’s behind the session is a beautiful part of the experience.

If you didn’t have a particular vision in mind, that is 100% okay! We will happily discuss what you think you want to come of the session and help guide a vision that will produce the kind of session you’ll fall in love with. We can build a vision together!

After we discuss the vision, it’s time for the nitty-gritty….what session package do you want? We will discuss our Client Guide and the pricing in it, compare it with your session vision, and you’ll select the session package you want.

We will go over the contract, fill in any details that need filling in, let you know what your reservation fee is so you can secure your session, and answer any questions you have.

The next bit is choosing your session date and time. If you haven’t already let us know when you’d like to have your session, now is the time we need to discuss when your session will be so we can make sure we are available and get your session booked.

During your consultation, you will have the option of paying your reservation fee then, or you can get it to us a little bit after that. Just remember, without that and your signed contract, your session is not secured. If you sign up for a payment plan, we’ll make sure that your payment schedule is clear and we can even set you up with calendar reminders if you want!

Once you return your signed contract and pay your reservation fee, you are inked in the books for your session date and time! How awesome is that!

*if you are unable to meet in person, all of this will still take place, just in a different way (such as email)*


Now that you know what to expect for your Pre-Booking Consultation, it’s time to discover more about your session. Please continue to What to Expect – Session by clicking HERE.


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