What to Expect | Session

You’ve had your pre-booking consultation, you’ve chosen your date and time, you returned your signed contract with your reservation fee and are inked in our books…now it’s the day of your session and you’re excited! You’re also wondering “how will it go?” Maybe you’re wondering “what do I wear?”

Let’s start with what to wear. Our style is rooted in lifestyle photography, which is basically “as it happens, in the moment, real life.” This means you should be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. If you want to dress up, that’s fine. If you want to wear jeans and a nice shirt, that’s fine too. With families, people wonder if they should all wear the same thing such as jeans and a white shirt. Again, that is entirely up to you…do what feels right for your family. We will happily make suggestions if you’d like our input on what we think would work for you, but the bottom line is be “you” and be comfortable.

To give you an idea of what to expect for your session, we’d like to walk you through a typical session. Each session has it’s own fun times and unique memories that will make up your session experience, but every session has some of the same elements and those are what we’d like to share with you now.

First, we meet at the session location. We will establish a meeting area if your location is larger (like a state park) to avoid the “where in the world are my photographers at” frustration. Once we meet up, we’ll be on our way to creating your session experience!

As we go through your session, we will suggest places to pose at. While we capture moments as they happen, and in your “natural” state, we will also suggest things like “can you sit on this bench and face toward the tree line a bit?” One thing we love doing, particularly with couples, is to make suggestions like that and then ask you to do whatever you would do if it were just the two of you sitting on that bench admiring the beautiful scenery. This is what sets up your “lifestyle” shot…where you are yourself, in the moment. Beware…Kari is known for cracking some pretty silly jokes to catch you laughing! He is also incredibly sneaky. While Iris is capturing one moment of you looking off, dreaming of summer winds and sandy shores, Kari will be capturing it from a completely different angle or as Iris lowers her camera….some of our best captures have been when you’ve been focusing on one of us, not paying a bit of attention to the other! You are at your most relaxed when you don’t think you’re being photographed, right? That’s what we specialize in….capturing those moments in addition to the ones you know about…where you are truly YOU!

After we spend about an hour together, your session will be complete, and we will have a bunch of wonderful images just waiting to burst out of our cameras and on to the editing screen. But before we head off into the sunset, we will share a few favorite “back of camera” shots – completely raw images that as soon as we clicked the shutter, we fell in love with and can’t help but share with you.

Now that your session is over, you’re anxiously awaiting your gallery and you’re wondering…..what about after my session? What should I expect while I’m waiting? Perfect question…. check out What to Expect after your session by clicking HERE


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