What to Expect | Ordering Session

Your gallery is finished! You received our email letting you know it’s time to meet up again….and you can’t wait! The date is set, and you’re super excited to sit down with us and check out your session gallery and hear all about what you can do with all those photos. But wait….what exactly happens at an ordering session?

So glad you asked! We are excited to share your gallery with you…we enjoyed your session, loved going through the editing process (and believe me, it can be tough to narrow the gallery down to the best of the best!), and now we get to show you what your session vision has turned into! Once again, we will meet up at a nice, relaxed place to sit down together and pour over your gallery. We will share your complete gallery of beautiful professionally edited images, and we will chat over your favorites, your no-so-favorites, and your Oh My Goodness I HAVE to Haves.

After we get some of your favorites and have to haves set aside for quick reference, we’ll go over your print package options. We offer print packages and ala carte options that you’ll be able to look over and choose from. While we’re discussing your options, we’ll ask you a few questions about where you think you’d like to hang some of your favorites, what size image you think you might want to hang, and we even have an amazing program, Preveal, we can use to show you what it might look like on YOUR wall (you’ll need to email us a photo(s) of the area(s) you want your display your beautiful photos on so we can do that). Even if you don’t have a photo of where you want to display your images, that’s fine, we can still show you what your selection would look like on a stock wall so you can get a feel for if it’s the right print for where you want it! How awesome is that? We can even create a custom canvas collage and show how it would look all together!

So you’ve seen your amazing gallery, you fell in love with your photos, you’ve gotten to see what some of the print and canvas ideas look like on the wall….now what? Now you tell us what prints and canvases you want would love to display and we prepare your order! We have print packages available for you to choose from or you can choose “ala carte” options. We’ll get all the prints and canvases onto our order sheet, double check it with you, you’ll decide if you want hand-delivery or have your order shipped, and you’ll pay for your order or select a payment plan. Once your payment (in full) has been processed, we will send your order off to our lab within one business day for them to work their magic in creating your prints and canvases. Your prints and canvases will be available within 6-8 weeks of your ordering session unless you’ve selected something extra special that needs a little more love before the lab returns it to us. We always have the lab send your order to us first so we can make sure everything is as it should be and that you are receiving 100% quality products. Once we have your complete order in our hands, verified it meets our high standards, we will email you and let you know your order is almost home! If we are hand-delivering, we will set up the time and place for us to bring your order to you! If we are shipping your order, we will get it properly packed for shipping and send you a tracking number once we ship it out!

So now… you’ve checked out our mini-biographies, you’ve checked out our galleries, decided you want us to be your photographers, been through all the “What to Expects”….are you excited to book your session? Please head HERE to begin planning your session experience!


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