A Fresh Start


As you may know, we were having issues with one web hoster and decided to switch to a new web hoster. In doing that, everything that was previously here on the website was wiped away. That’s fine…it needed a re-vamp anyhow, but I would’ve liked for the galleries to have stayed put. Nothing we can’t rebuild though!

It’s only been a few days and we are super please with the change. The redesign hasn’t been without it’s own issues, of course. Since we build and maintain our site ourselves, there are somethings I still need to learn when it comes to building a web page. I’m a “hands-on” learner, so going through this process has given me invaluable knowledge that I’ll be able to use to make sure y’all have a great experience while you are here.

Anyhow, I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank y’all for your support and to let you know we will have this up to 100% soon so you can get all the information you need and be able to check out our galleries and such.



Please take a moment and share us with your friends….we appreciate the word of mouth recommendations! Also check us out on our social media platforms as we go through our transition (and beyond) to see some fun stuff that can’t be found here.



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