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Finding Favour was a part of a great line up for Celebration Sunday, a part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The event was sponsored by WJIE and featured Carrollton, Shine Bright Baby, Finding Favour, Kutlass, and Audio Adrenaline.

We enjoyed Finding Favour’s set so much! Finding Favour is: Blake NeeSmith, Josh Duckworth, Allen Dukes, and Dustin Daniels. Front man, Blake NeeSmith has such a powerful voice, and his face conveys every bit of the emotion he feels as he sings. The band is one of a handful of Christian artists on Gotee Records, TobyMac’s label.

emotional finding favour

You can find their latest cd, Say Amen on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

One of the moments that was most powerful to us during their set was the one below. This man has Downs, yet he praised Jesus with all of his heart almost the entire set. It was so amazing and beautiful to watch.

praise jesus

With music so powerful, and a great sound, we enjoyed their set and can’t wait to see these guys again!


say amen blake praising blake neesmith guitars allen dukes drums finding favor live music guitars rocking music Christian music finding favour frontman lead singer blake dustin daniels christian guitar music open arms josh duckworth christian rock concert blake neesmith singer allen dukes guitar josh duckworth drums

Finding Favour | Food for the Hungry

During their set, Blake relayed an experience they had on tour in Canada. They were touring with a children’s choir from Guatemala. There was this little boy that kept coming to the woman who cooked for all of them every 15-20 minutes and saying “hola” and gave her a hug. At the end of their time together, when it was time to say goodbye, Blake asked why the little boy kept doing that and why he was so happy all the time. He was told this little boy was abandoned as a baby, passed around from stranger to stranger, and eventually, and was homeless, walking the streets of Guatemala since he was 4. He was given a home through an organization and now has a bed to sleep in and food in his belly. Yet this little boy was so happy all the time….never taking anything for granted, always living in the moment. Because of this experience, Finding Favour has chosen to help sponsor children through Food for the Hungry. If you’re interested in helping, you can do so HERE or by heading to Finding Favour’s website and clicking the link on their home page.




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