Music Photography | Carrollton at the Waterfront 2013 | Louisville Kentucky

It’s that time again! Derby time! We were new to the area last year so we didn’t catch a lot of the festivities that make up the Kentucky Derby Festival. We did catch one though….Celebration Sunday at Waterfront Park (sponsored by WJIE). We headed to the Waterfront to catch this group we’d been listening to – Mosteller – and to catch their big news they’d been teasing everyone with for weeks. Their awesome news was twofold…. first, they changed their name to Carrollton (symbolic of where the band members live, meet up, and the journey they travel so often). The second was even bigger — they just signed with Centricity Music and were working on a new EP! Their set was awesome and it was great to hear some of our favs played live. It was pretty windy, but we didn’t let that stop us from capturing some nice shots of their set!

Let me tell you a little about these guys…they are Justin, Jordan, Jeremy, and Michael. They are a great group of guys who have hearts for Jesus. Their passions for Jesus and music collide and the result is fantastic praise music. They have a cd out under Mosteller (also called Mosteller), and just released their brand new EP in February 2014. If you haven’t heard them yet, at least YouTube them…but seriously, you’re gonna want to get their brand new EP, Breathe in Deep!

This year, Carrollton will be at Celebration Sunday again! They will be with Audio Adrenaline, Kutlass, Shine Bright Baby, and Finding Favour. What a great line up! Come out Sunday, April 27th, starting at 4pm to hear Carrollton and the other artists…lots of great music and tons of fun! We’ll be there, so find us and say hi!

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