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You’re having a family picnic and young Jimmy is fishing in the stream with Grandpa. This becomes a yearly family picnic and each year Jimmy and Grandpa fish in the same stream. You take a photo each year of the two of them fishing and enjoying the time together. Years later, after Grandpa has passed away, Jimmy looks back at those photos and remembers the great times they had and how much he loves his Grandpa even still. Powerful, right?┬áLifestyle photography is such a fantastic style of photography, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a bit biased ­čÖé It has the power to evoke so many emotions and memories well after the photos are taken.┬áThat is the beauty of photography – being able to stop time and be able to re-live some of life’s most precious moments. Lifestyle photography is extra special because it doesn’t just capture the posed moments, the “on purpose” photos….it captures real life, real moments, real memories that you will remember long after the photo is taken. Moments you want to hang on to and share with others…maybe even show your children and grandchildren. Lifestyle photography, in short is simply: capturing real life. So does our Kentucky Lifestyle Photography sound like what you’re looking for?

Let me share with you some of the best reasons you should choose lifestyle photography.

  • First, it’s real… no forced smiles, no awkward poses, no wishing you were anywhere but having your photo taken. Whether you have a session in your home, at the park, or a birthday party, the real moments are what make those memories, right? Not the “stand here and say CHEESE” photos. And let’s be honest…. real life isn’t always those “say CHEESE” moments, is it? You’re going to remember the softness of your little one’s curls, the way little Sally smashed her cake instead of eating it, the joy in your son’s face when he made the football team. Those are the moments that stand out to you..and lifestyle photography is all about capturing those kinds of moments.
  • It can be done just about anywhere you want! That bench in town where you had your first kiss, got proposed to (and said yes) – you can celebrate your first wedding anniversary by having a session designed around that special bench. To others, it’s just a bench…but to you, it’s full of memories – it’s a conversation piece. It’s YOUR story.
  • Love your fur baby? Big box studios usually don’t let you bring your precious pup or snuggly kitty with you to your session. The beauty of lifestyle photography? You can bring your fur baby and enjoy photos of your WHOLE family, not just the two-legged members.
  • What about those moments that no one else gets to see that you really love? Moments like the way your child holds their spoon while eating their morning cereal. It’s like no one else’s grip and you love it….now you can remember it long after your child’s learned the “proper” way to hold their spoon. Special items, special quirks…all these things make up you and those you love. Freeze those moments in time so you can cherish them forever.
  • Do you homeschool? Lifestyle photography is PERFECT for homeschool families! As a homeschooler myself, there are learning opportunities in real life that others might not recognize….you can capture your math moments as you teach your children how to read measuring cups and recipes. That awesome science project you slaved over for a month? Capture the process and the awesome result (and that fantastic smile on your kid’s face!) to add to your homeschool scrapbook.
  • Most importantly… IT’S FUN! Lifestyle photography is so much fun because you’re in YOUR element! Lifestyle photography is all about YOU! It’s not about a bunch of set, stiff, standard “every one gets them” poses. It’s about you, what you love, who you love, and the life you love!


So will you love lifestyle photography?┬áIf any of these reasons made you smile and you nodded your head in agreement, and you totally want to have a ton of fun during your session…. and you want to feel like you’re “breaking the mould,” then absolutely, you will love being able to re-live your memories through the beauty of photography.

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